Bill Evett has been writing and recording music and songs for a lot of years…
His music is available for download at the Chapel at Seaside’s website.

Bills CD’s Include:


Sing for Joy

  • Spread A Little sunshine Everyday
  • Psalm 47 Our King Rules Over All
  • God Sent Jesus
  • Blessed is The Man
  • I Trust In You
  • Psalms 25 To You Oh Lord
  • Psalm 19 The Law of The Lord
  • Psalm 111-113 Praise Thy Name
  • Psalm 80 Prayer for Israel
  • Psalm 8 Lord, Our Lord
  • Psalm 1 Blessed is The Man
  • Psalm 98 The Lord is King

Heaven Bound

  • Heaven Bound
  • This is What We Believe
  • How Much is Enough
  • Who Better than You?
  • Reaching for Higher Ground
  • Revelation 4/5
  • The Lord’s Healing Touch
  • The Journey 3
  • Enough
  • Dark Days
  • Psalm 139
  • The Armor of God
  • Spread a Little Sunshine
  • I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Right

Hymns and Songs

  • How Deep the Father’s Love For Us
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness
  • Blessed Assurance
  • In the Garden
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Does Jesus Care?
  • The Anchor Holds
  • You’re Never too Broken to Belong
  • Carry Me Away
  • Where No One Stand Alone
  • The Lord’s Prayer

The Path of Faith

  • In Your Heart, the Lord Resides
  • His Truth will set you Free
  • The Path of Faith I Know
  • Brighter Day
  • The Lord is my Shepherd
  • I Can’t but He Can
  • The Foot of the Cross
  • My God, Only You
  • Thank You, my Lord
  • Jesus, Make a New Man Out of Me
  • There’s a Reason

Full Circle

  • Back in the Grove
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • The Wall
  • I’ve Fallen
  • Hey Girl
  • Four Women
  • I Love the Gulf of Mexico
  • How Much is Enough?
  • See What You Won’t See Now
  • Two of a Kind
  • A Most Very Unhappy Man




The Inner Man